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What to Consider Before Selling a Home for Work Relocation


Relocating for work puts you through a rollercoaster of emotions because it’s fun and stressful at the same time. Moving to a new address entails a lot of prep work like packing your precious belongings, looking for reputable car shipping companies to transport your vehicles, and selling your house.

The latter is the most important thing on your plate since it’s the most expensive possession to dispose of. And you may need the money from a quick home sale to settle into your new location. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to make the sale easier and faster without compromising on the profits. Here are the top considerations before selling your home for work relocation.

Declutter and Start Packing

Once you get wind that you’re relocating for work, start decluttering your house. Throw out broken, old, and worn-out items. You can also donate or sell stuff you don’t need. Tidying up your space and organizing your items will make your home look more spacious and attractive to buyers.

Moreover, purging stuff will make for an easier move since you have fewer objects to haul. It will also translate to lower shipping costs. It’s best to get lead time on packing so you can organize boxes in the garage. Conducting an open house with these boxes out of sight will be easier. Waiting until the last minute will make everything more stressful.

Conduct Deep Cleaning

Clean houses make a better impression on home buyers. It shows that you care about house maintenance and hygiene. Hence, there are lesser chances of pest infestation or other issues like mold and mildew growth.

Thoroughly clean your house before listing it on the market. Apart from dusting every surface, include unusual spots like windowsills, baseboards, corners, etc. A home that’s in move-in condition looks more appealing.

Consider Home Remodeling and Staging

Take a good objective view of your home and ask yourself if it is move-in ready. If not, see if it’s worth remodeling worn-out parts to increase property value. Remodeling will take time, so factor in how soon you have to start on the new job site.

If your house is presentable, you can consider home staging to enhance the living spaces to make them more attractive to potential buyers. Try these staging techniques:
● Depersonalize by taking out family photos or personalized towels
● Focus on freshness like adding a fruit platter or incorporating flowers
● Clean the walls and floors to make them spotless
● Consider adding warm lights to create a more hospitable ambience
● Invest in a fresh coat of paint to improve curbside appeal
● Spruce up the garden and clear out dead leaves and debris

Professionals say a staged house will sell for 17% more than the market price. More importantly, 87% of staged homes sell faster. The reason is buyers can visualize themselves living in the house and form an affinity for it.

Set a Realistic Sale Price

Setting a realistic price is key if you want your home to sell fast. Still, you don’t want to sell it for less than what you bought it and incur a loss. By the same token, no one will look at your house if you jack up the price. For best results, it would help to work with a reputable realtor to get an expert market analysis on the standard price of other houses with the same specs.

Since you’re busy tying up loose ends at work and in your social calendar, you may not have time to conduct comparative research on housing prices. Besides, working with a trustworthy realtor can make a big difference when you want to sell your house fast. They can help you with negotiations and marketing your home via online listings, social media, virtual tours, and online open houses.

Work With a Home Cash Buying Company

If you’re in a rush to sell your home and relocate by a fixed date, working with a home cash buying company is best. Bear in mind that while a realtor can represent your house to potential buyers, it will take a lot of time, especially if it’s not a seller’s market, and cost a lot of money on commission payments. It is also rare to find a realtor with a client looking for the same specs as your house.

For this reason, working with a cash buying company works better because they have the cash to buy your house on the spot. This is favorable if you’re pressed for time because there’s no risk that financing will fail and closing time is a lot faster.

Selling your house fast and at the best possible price means you shorten the time to find a new home. With the proper preparation, you can achieve that and look forward to relocating and exploring a new place.

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