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7 Tips on Advertising Houses Online for Sellers


Need to sell your home but don’t want to hire a realtor? What’s involved in advertising houses online? Do you have to be a realtor to market a home?

While realtors definitely have an advantage (it’s their job), you don’t have to hold a real estate license to market houses online. Read on to learn how to create your own digital advertising strategy.

1. Price it Right

If your home isn’t priced to sell, it won’t. Before you invest time and money into marketing your home, make sure your listing includes a fair house price.

Look at comparable homes in your area. How long did they sit on the market? What were the purchase prices?

You can also consult an online tool or contact a local realtor or broker for their opinion. Calculating your home’s price should be well researched, but doesn’t have to involve a lot of complicated math.

2. Photos Matter

The National Association of Realtors reports that 85% of homebuyers think photos are the most important factor when choosing which homes to see.

In other words, your photos are a big deal! If you can, it’s best to hire a professional. Professional photographers can capture the best light and angles. They may be able to help you stage your home as well.

Here are some useful photography tips to consider when creating your listing.

  1. Get an aerial view by using a drone
  2. Turn on outside lights and take pictures at night
  3. Dress up the front of your home to increase curb appeal
  4. Get the best natural light out of each and every picture
  5. Spruce up your landscaping and manicure your yard
  6. Touch up sidewalk cracks and other exterior eyesores
  7. Pay attention to angles. Don’t overuse a wide-angle lens.
  8. Leave all dishes, toys, clothing, and clutter out of your photos. They’re more distracting than you may think.
  9. Avoid taking photos of mirrors as you’ll be in the shot.
  10. Move garbage cans out of view (inside and outside)
  11. Enhance any unique details of your home, like light fixtures, doorknobs, custom shelving/built-ins.

If you aren’t able to hire a professional photographer, pay attention to other listings. Try to copy the angles and lighting of listings you really like.

3. Embrace Technology

It’s not quite the force, but it’s very close! If you aren’t comfortable using technology, you won’t be able to reach most of the homebuyers you need. For example, Millennials respond much better to email or texting. On the other hand, senior populations connect more with hand-written mailers or postcards.

First of all, post your listing online. Many free or affordable sites allow you to post a listing and pictures. Use as many of these resources as you can.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours were a great way to host home tours during the pandemic. Turns out, people love them all the time! Adding a virtual tour will keep buyers looking at your listing longer than still pics. The longer they view, the more likely they’ll pursue their interest in your home.

Make your virtual tour or listing different. Consider adding music or narration to your virtual tour. Who doesn’t love browsing great photos with fun music?

By adding a narration, you can highlight features of your home that may not be noticeable otherwise.

Ask a professional writer to write up a description of your home. Correct grammar and punctuation are important when presenting a professional home sale.

Use Social Media

Advertise on social media. Use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. If you’re not sure how, google a tutorial. You can pay for ad boosts on social media.

Buying ads is an affordable way to reach more people with your listing. Even if you don’t pay for ads, you can still advertise your listing on your page and share it with friends. Better yet, create a page just for your home listing.

Host Virtual Showings

Can’t host open houses in person? Consider video chat appointments. You can take potential buyers through your house using Zoom, Facebook chat, Facetime, or other video chat platforms.

This is another great way to answer questions and create a personal connection with potential buyers.

4. Everywhere a Sign

You don’t have to rely solely on social media. Make sure you post visible, easy-to-read signs with info about your home.

Run ads about your listing in print and online newspapers.

Consider buying a mailing list from a real estate broker. Many will sell their contacts’ addresses to you. Send out postcards to these contacts with information about your home.

Remember the MLS. For a fee, you can work with a broker to add your house to the MLS listing. This is usually called a flat fee MLS listing and it’s worth a consideration.

It should be impossible for people not to know you have a house for sale.

5. Listen and Adapt

Let everyone know you’re selling your home. Talk to neighbors, pass out cards at the grocery store advertising open houses. Hold open houses and ask for feedback afterward.

If you’re comfortable working with a buyer’s agent, contact some. Some realtors only work with buyers. Find out who they are and ask them to come to check out your home.

Reach out a few days after someone has seen your home through email or text. Ask for feedback and listen to common themes.

Home Sellers Should be Advertising Houses Online

Whether you’re selling a chic condo or houses for families, advertising houses online is a smart move. You’ll get more viewings with great drone and professional photos.

You’ll reach more potential buyers by using social media platforms. Don’t neglect flyers and postcards altogether. There’s still a place for paper advertisements and signs.

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