February 23

How to Sell an Austin Home (Fast) Even With a Property Lien


Are you interested in selling a house but fearful of the property lien that’s on it? Do you worry that the lien will cause the entire sale to fall through during the closing stages? Even if your home does have a property lien on it, you can still sell your home. You must understand what a property lien is, why it matters, and the different types of property liens that are out there. After that, you can figure out how to sell it even with the property lien still on it. See below for an in-depth guide on this process. This will help you determine the best method for selling a home with a property lien on it.

What Is a Property Lien?

First, let’s start by understanding what a property lien truly is. Why is it hanging over your house like a dark cloud? Property liens are essentially legal rights that a holder has. If the debts aren’t paid on the asset, then they can exercise those rights and obtain sole control of the home. One of the most well-known scenarios for this is a repossession, in which the mortgage lender seizes (repossesses) the property after not receiving consistent payments toward the mortgage amount. This is a common occurrence with car repossessions as well. The lien itself is always filed within the county office, then distributed to the property owner urging that the repossession take place. There are two common forms of property liens: voluntary and involuntary. See below for a description of both.
  • Voluntary Liens– Liens that have been agreed to by both parties, the mortgage lender and the mortgage debtor (you). When signing up for the mortgage, you accepted that the lender holds a lien in case your home was foreclosed upon.
  • Involuntary Liens– Liens that are enforced by law on a property as a result of failed payments. Typically, these occur when the debtor doesn’t live up to their side of the agreement on payments, taxes, or necessary renovations. Involuntary liens don’t require that the creditor give notice to the debtor. Even still, it can leave a daunting hole in your title.

How to Sell a Home With a Property Lien

Let’s get down to brass tacks, here. How can you possibly sell a property that has a property lien on it? What are you to do if there are ongoing lien disputes on a home that you’re trying to sell? Is it still possible to sell the house? The answer is yes, but finding an interested buyer the traditional way will be next to impossible. So how can you find someone to purchase it? Go to a cash home buyer for help. Here at Lisa Buys Austin Houses, we’ve purchased homes with property liens on them plenty of times before. We can help you get back on your feet in a hurry. See below for our 3-step process that can help you get the cash that you need fast.

1. Fill Out Our Form Online

Before we can make an offer on your property, we need a bit of information on your property and the situation. That said, we don’t require much information to get started. All we really need to get things in motion is:
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Property Address
If you prefer to call and talk to someone throughout the process, give us a call at 512-598-4929 instead! We purchase homes in any condition throughout the state of Texas. We don’t have any obligations, commissions, or fees involved in the offer we give you. Giving us this bit of information will help us know the best way to reach out to you for more information.

2. Talk To Us

As previously mentioned, we enjoy making connections with the people that we conduct business with. After only a few minutes of filling out your online form, we’ll be reaching out to you to learn more about your property and the personal goals that you have. In this instance, it’s to get the maximum return for your home even with a property lien hanging over your shoulder. Once we know the exact situation you’re in, we’ll do our homework. We’ll look into your property, assess the value, then move into the next step of the process…

3. Submitting You Our Best Offer

We’re quick and efficient. We want to help solve your problems as quickly as possible. Most importantly, we want to help you do that without making any extra repairs or renovations on our behalf. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we will buy your home exactly as is. After doing our homework and learning about your situation, we’ll give you our best and final offer right away. The best part? Your situation doesn’t have any effect on our offer. We believe in offering our clients the best offer for the house, not the circumstances. Once we’ve displayed our offer, it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to take it or not. If you choose to, then we will close up super fast and send you cash-in-hand as quickly as 7 days afterward!

Sell Your Home With a Property Lien Today

Now that you have seen how it’s possible to sell a home with a property lien on it, be sure to consider this avenue for your situation. Are you looking to move fast as well? If so, be sure to read this article for more information on the 5 tips for a quick move. For more inquiries on our services, please be sure to reach out to us by phone at 512-598-4929 and we will be delighted to work with you further.

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