January 13

Need to Move Fast? Check out These 5 Tips for a Quick Move


Have you recently learned that you will be moving to another state for a job? Has something happened in your personal life that has heightened the importance of moving as quickly as possible?

If so, then you will want to learn how to perform a quick move. Doing so can help you rid yourself of your current house, get all your belongings out, and move on to the next stage of life that much quicker.

Be sure to see below for an in-depth guide on how to move quick and what tactics are most constructive for it. Take all these tips into consideration.

1. Sell to a Cash Buyer

Often, the idea of moving to another city or state isn’t the overwhelming part for most people. They’re more worried about finding the correct way to sell their property and get the money that they need for their next house.

If that’s your top concern, then you’re not alone. It’s important to understand your options to sell so that you can make the best decision for your situation.

To sell a house the traditional way, you have to hire an agent, stage the home, list your property, and schedule many home tours. Even then, it could be months (if not a year or longer) to find the right buyer.

You also have to think about things like hiring a home inspector, making necessary renovations before you sell, and so forth. Add that to your already growing list of tasks to pull off for your move.

For that reason, it’s always smart to consider selling to a trusted cash buyer. They will purchase your house fast and as-is, meaning you don’t need to make any renovations, staging, listings, etc. You can skip that entire process.

Better yet, as the name would imply, they will give you cash for your home. That way, you have seed money towards the next home that you purchase.

2. Take Time to Cleanse

Before you start packing up your bags, it’s always smart to declutter. This is especially important when you’re trying to move quickly. The less you have to haul to your new home, the less time it will take to do so.

For that reason, it’s always good to cleanse your home. Grab a notepad and pencil, then write down three separate columns: 

  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Throw Away

Take a walk into each room of your home and list all items that you decide you could do without. The need to move quickly will help with removing some emotional attachment from this process.

Once you’ve decided you’re ridding yourself of that item, put it in one of the three columns. This will help you eliminate several hours of second-guessing and debating with your family members.

If you choose to sell the item, find the best way to sell it. If you choose to donate it, move it to a certain area of the home that you’re designating for donated items, then take them all at once. If you’re throwing the item away, you can do so immediately.

3. Assemble a Team

There’s strength in numbers. If you’re going to pull off a move in a couple of weeks (or less), then you will need all hands on deck, whenever someone can spare them.

First, take the time to communicate this need with your immediate family. Give them your estimated timeline and stress the importance of all of them being at home to help you whenever they can.

Next, find any friends that can spare an hour or two throughout the day. They’ll be happy to help you pack, load stuff onto a moving truck, or give you resources for the move (such as letting you borrow their Dollie for the day).

To pull off the move as quickly and in the safest way possible, you should also consider hiring a professional moving company. They’re willing to meet any timeline and have the experience and know-how to make the process go smoothly.

4. Make a Schedule

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Accept this move for what it is: a big life step. Big life steps need careful planning to make sure that they go smoothly.

Take the time to assess how long you have before the move happens. Get out a calendar and circle the day of the big move on your calendar. Count how many days you have until then, and divvy up your responsibilities and tasks each day.

Be sure to write down things like “buy packing supplies” or “turn off utilities”, to give yourself a constructive checklist to mark off each day. Before you know it, you’ll have crossed everything off one by one!

5. Provide a Safe Path

To ensure there are no setbacks during the move, you should take the time to create a safe path from your property to the moving truck.

Also, look at the GPS and plan out your preferred route to get there. How long will it take? How many rest stops will you need to take? 

To create a safe walkway, think about temporarily removing the front door, removing all rugs from the surface, and clear it of any objects that a mover could potentially trip or slip on.

Make Your Quick Move a Success With These Tips

Now that you have seen all of the best tips and tricks for how to pull off a quick move, it’s time for you to start with step one: find a cash buyer.

Be sure to read this article on the cost of buying a house and moving to better prepare yourself for the process (and financial needs) ahead.

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