October 29

11 Ways to Sell an Ugly House When Nobody Wants it


More than 5 million existing homes were sold in America last year. And chances are some of them weren’t the best looking houses on the block. 

If your house isn’t in ideal condition, it can be intimidating to think about putting it up for sale. What if no one is interested? What if it stays on the market for way too long? What if you’ll never be able to find a buyer? 

All of these questions are valid but probably unnecessary. We’ve compiled a list of 11 things you can do to sell an ugly house quick! 

1. Focus on the Good 

Even if you have an ugly house you want to sell, chances are it has at least some redeeming qualities. You need to look for those and focus on it as much as possible. 

Whatever you can point to that’s already in good shape or looks nice will help detract from the areas that will require more work to get to that same level. Turning the potential buyer’s attention to the good is the perfect place to start. 

2. Utilize Social Media 

Gone are the days of picking up flyers from for sale signs being the only way to find a new house. 

Unless you personally know your buyer before you list it, it’s absolutely critical to use social media to spread the word. This is the perfect way to get as many eyes on the house as possible. 

Social media quickly and efficiently widens your net to find as many potential buyers as possible. 

3. Search for the Right Buyer

There is a buyer for literally everything, even your ugly duckling house. The trick is just finding the right one who will be interested. 

Depending on the current state of your home, it’s probably wise to skip over traditional real estate listings and move towards specialty buyers. 

Those will include investors and flippers who are looking to improve the home and then make a profit themselves. They’re more interested in the “ugly” homes because that’s generally where they make their money. 

4. Make Simple, Cheap Repairs

If you’ve been living in your ugly house the way it is, there’s probably a reason you haven’t made any of the changes. Which means you probably don’t want to make them now that you’re leaving soon. 

But there are some simple, cheap improvements you can make to draw people in. 

Making sure the front lawn and porch look nice can go a long way for first impressions. And make sure the home is clean. n unattractive, but clean home will be much more inviting. 

5. Highlight Potential 

For those buyers who are looking to flip the house into something better, it’s all about the potential. Highlighting those areas that can turn into something extra special with a little bit of work is the best way to entice these buyers. 

That potential could be a good amount of space, original hardwood floors, and unique architectural elements. 

6. Add Style and Staging 

It never hurts to do a little staging in a home when putting it on the market. 

Staging is a great way to help the potential buyer to see what life in the home might be like and what they could potentially see every day should they purchase. 

These tasks normally involve taking things out instead of adding in. Which makes it a much easier job for you. 

7. Share About the Area 

There’s more to a home than just the actual house itself. The surrounding area plays a huge role in the value and desirability of the home. 

Make sure you share all of those great parts of where the home is located; good schools, close to shopping, outdoor recreational opportunities, or delicious restaurants. 

Being in a highly sought after area would be reason enough to buy an old ugly house. 

8. Offer Incentives 

Depending on your exact financial circumstances, the condition of the house, and how quickly you need to get out you may consider offering incentives to a buyer. 

This could include helping with closing costs, lowering the price for necessary renovations, or paying for some renovations before closing. All of these should be thoroughly thought through and the last resort option in order to save you money.

9. Sell the Story 

In the age of the quick build, homes have lost a lot of their unique character. And this is why people are drawn to older homes. Even the old ugly house you’ve got. 

If you can sell the story of your house and all of its quirky glory, you’re more likely to find a seller that’s interested. Remember, it’s not like a typical new-build home, so treat the sale differently. 

10. Wait for the Right Time 

When you’re selling any home, it’s helpful to wait until the real estate market is in the right trend for sellers. But that’s especially important when you have ugly houses for sale. 

Your real estate agent will be able to help you know when the chances are higher that you’ll find a buyer quickly. This is normally when there are more potential buyers than houses up for sale. 

11. Set the Right Price 

Setting the right price for a home is a tricky balance to find. You want to make a decent profit on the home, or at least break even. But you don’t want it to be too expensive that buyers are turned off to the idea. 

The price for an ugly house is especially crucial, make sure your price is fair but also makes renovations doable for the buyer. 

Fast Ways to Sell an Ugly House

Once you’re ready to get out of a house or the mortgage of a house, you want to do it as quickly as possible. No one wants to be forced to stay put because they can’t sell an ugly house. 

Following these tips will help you find the right buyer as quickly as possible to get the most for the house and to be free of it for good!

If you’re interested in learning more about selling houses or have a house for us to check out, contact us today! 

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