May 21

Why Do People Move? 7 Common Reasons to Sell a House


Did you know that 10 percent of the American population on average moves every year? That’s 30 million people who pack up their bags and move to another house, state or county. 

But why do people move? What drives them to make such an enormous change in their lives? It’s not easy moving houses – it must be the most strenuous and time-consuming thing to do. Still, people do it every year!

Let’s read on to see some reasons why people move. 

1. They Had a Baby

A little less than four million babies are born in the United States each year! Wow!

Of course, that means big changes in the life of the new parents. Not only do they have to contend with this beautiful new life that they have created, but they have to ensure that they find the right place to raise the baby.

This is one of the big reasons to move, as people want to ensure they choose a neighborhood that’s suitable to raise a child in, that’s safe, and that has great schools to choose from. 

2. They Found a New Job

Another big reason why people move has to be the job thing. Humans have this need to constantly upgrade their and their family’s lives. They never want to be stagnant or standing still.

This means, that Americans are constantly searching for bigger and better opportunities to devote themselves to. Upgrading to a better job with better pay or better benefits or both is always a great job. 

But it does mean that you would need to move states or cities if you don’t want to limit yourself to jobs that are only situated in your particular city.

Perhaps with remote working becoming more popular, this reason won’t matter as much anymore. But for now, it’s still a big enough factor for why people move houses.

3. They Want to Upgrade to a Bigger or Newer House

Maybe you have a dream house in mind that you have visualized since you were a university student. And finally, you have the chance to grab your dream house. But it means you would have to move to another city.

Of course, you would grab that chance! That’s how most people are. If they have an ideal house in mind, or if their current house is too small or old for them, they will want to move to upgrade their situation. 

Constantly paying to fix up an older house is not fun. Neither is living in a house that’s too small to accommodate all your needs. 

4. They Are Moving Out of Their Parents’ Home

A lot of millennials and Gen-Xers are in this situation, where they have been living with their parents for a while now, so they can save up enough to buy their own place.

Once they have enough for a downpayment, they are out of their parent’s houses faster than you can say ‘Congrats’. 

Everyone wants to be independent and have a space they can call their own. 

If you’ve been itching to buy your own home, after living under your parent’s thumb for a while, then you are going to take advantage of any opportunity to move that you can find. 

5. They Got Married or Divorced

Life changes of any kind, be it positive or negative, always create reasons to move.

Either you got married and now you want to live together with your new partner, or your honeymoon phase ended and you decided to separate from your partner. Both of these are reasons to move to another house. 

6. They Want to Explore a New State

Humans love to explore this beautiful Earth that has been given to them on a platter. There are so many beautiful states and cities to explore in the United States along.

Awash with national parks, lakes, vibrant metropolises, and more, there is always something new to see in America. 

If you have an adventurous heart, you might not be satisfied with living in one city for the rest of your life. Maybe you currently live in California and want to explore Texan hospitality or the other way around. 

The world is your oyster and it’s your prerogative and right as an American to live in any state and city that you wish. 

7. They Lost Their Job and Need to Downgrade

This is another one of those not-so-nice reasons to move. Sometimes, life deals you with a card that isn’t ideal but could mean better things in the future. Hindsight is 50-50, after all. 

Maybe you’ve lost a job due to certain unforeseeable circumstances and now it means that you need to downgrade, if you want to keep your head above water, financially speaking. It could be a temporary thing, or not.

Either way, this means that you would have to start searching for a cheaper home either in the same city or another one, depending on how far your budget stretches. 

Looking to Sell Your House Fast in Austin?

Perhaps you are in one of the situations mentioned above where you need to sell your house fast, so you can move over to your new home and begin your new life.

If it is an emergency, then you can’t be waiting around for 70 days on average for your house to be sold! You need to get out of there fast.

That’s where Lisa Buys Austin Houses comes in. She will buy your house at a fair cash price as-is and schedule a closing that works best for you. No questions asked!

Now You Know Why Do People Move Houses

There are many reasons, as seen above, for why do people move houses or states or cities. People’s lives are always in flux, in ebbs and flows. And things usually change when you least expect them! Murphy’s law, right?

Check out Lisa Buys Austin Houses if you are interested in learning more about how to sell your house for cash fast and how to move when you are unprepared for it. 


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