August 9

Why Do People Move? 4 Reasons for Selling Your House


About 40 million Americans move each year; that’s about 13% of the population moving. Most commonly, their move is local, within the same county or state. However, some people make long-distance moves across several states or even the country. 

Whether down the street or across the country, they each have an identifiable reason for the life change. So, let’s find out why do people move.

1. Financial Problems 

One of the most common reasons for moving is a change in financial situation. Cost of living rises, interest rate changes, layoffs, and medical needs can all affect someone’s ability to continue to pay their mortgage. If a homeowner can no longer afford to pay the lender, it will initiate foreclosure proceedings. 

Instead of allowing this life situation to become a red mark on their credit file, they can arrange a sale of the home to prevent foreclosure. The homeowner can then move to a new and more affordable living situation while also unburdening themselves of the financial pressure of the mortgage. 

2. Change in Marital Status 

While we all hope that a marriage lasts a lifetime, sadly, this isn’t the case for many couples. The current chance of divorce is down from the much quoted 50% but still hovers at 39%. This means that many houses go on the market simply because two people no longer wish to live together in it. 

Financially, it can make sense to sell the couple’s largest asset and split the proceeds. Or it can no longer make sense to have such a large home when the entire family is no longer utilizing it. In addition, divorce can put a time crunch on a home sale because other legal processes are waiting on the sale to occur before they can continue. 

3. Family Needs 

When looking at homes for sale, you’ll see that each listing includes how many bedrooms and bathrooms the property has. This crucial piece of information is vital because it lets people know how many can comfortably live in the home. 

One of the benefits of moving is having the ability to house a growing family. Perhaps a child is on the way, or grandparents are moving in with their children.

Another common situation is parents whose children have moved out. That once large home is now too big, and they are looking to downsize. 

4. Home Repair Demands 

Sometimes a home’s repair and maintenance demands are beyond what the current owner can handle. It could be that the home has become unlivable or that the repairs are more expensive than what the homeowner can afford. Either way, the easiest answer is to sell the home to someone who is willing to take on these issues. 

Why Do People Move? Now You Know 

There are many answers to why do people move. Unfortunately, many of them pressure the homeowner to sell the old home quickly. If you find yourself in any of these situations or need to sell your home fast, we can help. Our quick quote request allows you to clearly see what you could get for your home through our simple sell/purchase process. 

Request a quote today and get an offer for your home so you can quickly move. 

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