March 22

What Is the Best Way to Sell a Small Home?


Did you know that in January 2022, there were about 801,000 houses sold in America? The Median Sales Price for these houses cost $423,300. Despite the increasing home prices, the real estate industry is still thriving.

Nowadays, small home is a rising trend. But it doesn’t mean that selling a small property is easy. While many adults and senior citizens seek them out, getting a buyer is still challenging.

Do you know the best way to sell a small house? Keep on reading to learn the top methods to sell a home fast.

The Difference Between a Tiny House and a Small Home

In recent years, the tiny house movement has been gaining popularity worldwide. But most people often confuse a tiny home with a small house.

Tiny houses have a living space of 100 square feet to 400 square feet. In some cases, they can even reach 500 square feet.

A small home is a bit bigger than a tiny home. It ranges from 400 to 1,000 square feet. With such a small living area, you need to know how to make the house look bigger than it is.

Stage Your Home

One successful way of selling a small property is by staging it. Most of the time, buyers turn down smaller houses because of the seller’s décor mistakes.

Keep in mind that these homes are the best option if you want to have a minimalistic lifestyle. To sell it, decluttering rooms and using light color schemes are essential.

Light-painted walls, as well as a lot of natural lighting, make the place feel spacious. When you stage your home, always go for simple and uncomplicated décor. You put fewer, smaller-sized furniture to avoid cluttered rooms.

Doing this allows your buyer to understand that 1,000-square feet homes can still look big.

Highlight the Advantages of Small Homes

Small properties offer many benefits to buyers who want to reduce their cost of living. A tiny Texas home has more affordable utility costs and tax expenses. It also encourages people to follow a simple and minimalistic lifestyle.

When you advertise smaller homes, keep using words like affordable and great deals. It helps your buyers listen to the advantages of living small. You can also show them how they can work around the space without making it look stuffy.

Sellers can also highlight the environmental benefits of smaller homes. Show them how they can practice sustainable living with a tiny house.

Focus on Special Features

Marketing is crucial to the success of selling a small property. Because of the size, focusing on a home’s best features helps charm a buyer. Although it can’t persuade people to live small, it can make an interested shopper say yes.

Highlight the location of the home to your buyers. Note about the neighborhood, as well as nearby schools and their ratings. You can also add the nearest landmarks and the average travel time.

When the property has a great outdoor space, focus on it. Many buyers also consider private outdoor spaces, especially families. It’s one of the best tradeoffs for the small home you want to sell.

Your Must-Knows When Selling a Small Home

A small home can be a challenging sale. Minimalistic living isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

To sell a home under 1,000-square feet, you need a plan. When you follow these real estate tips, selling your home will be a breeze.

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