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Selling an As-Is House: How Long Will It Take To Sell?


In 2020, 5.64 million existing homes were sold. The market is booming, and there are plenty of people out there looking to move.

But for those who want to sell their homes as they are, there’s one pressing question: how long will it take?

Selling an as-is house might sound riskier than selling a new or renovated home, but in reality, you can sell your home exactly as it is without having to worry about getting stuck waiting. If you’re looking to sell a house quickly, read on to find out how long you can expect it to take.

Explore Your Selling Options

There are several routes to selling a house. By looking into your options, you can find a good price for your home without waiting too long.

Home Auctions

Home auctions allow you to set a fixed deadline for your sale, which means you won’t have to wait any longer than you’re comfortable with to sell your property. Buyers like having a timeline in which to prepare for the auction and will come on the day feeling ready and confident in the bids they make.

Still, it’s worth noting that a home auction requires relinquishing some control over the selling price of your home, especially if you want to sell quickly. Be sure to choose your selling method wisely to make sure you get what your home is worth in the amount of time that works for you.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Selling a house through FSBO is worth looking into if you have the time and resources to organize the sale yourself. Whilst you can save on some fees, the amount of time the sale takes can vary.

Negotiating contracts and learning how to set up an escrow account can slow the sale process down. If you feel knowledgeable enough to sell property as quickly as a realtor could, go for it! If not, consider a realtor or a specialist buying company for making your sale.

Buying Companies

There are people you can turn to if you’re looking to sell real estate as is quick. Buying companies like us at Lisa Buys Austin Houses are always on the market for property and will take your house off your hands fast.

If you’re selling because your home is outdated or distressed, expert companies like ours are the place to turn.

We are experts in snapping up properties that need work for a fair price and can take all of your worries off your hands. Often, all you need to do is submit your application – you’ll hear back quickly, and can have your house sold within as little as 7 days!

Selling an As-Is House Can Be Simple!

Trying to sell a house sounds daunting as it is. The prospect of selling an as-is house might once have put fear in your heart, but we hope that this information has put your mind at ease.

Remember, there are always people out there who can help. 

If you’re looking to sell a house as is fast, please do contact us today. We can help you reach your goals just as quickly as you like!

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