Selling a Good House in a Bad Neighborhood

Do you have a good house but experience difficulties selling it because of a bad neighborhood? There are approximately 676,535 foreclosure filings in the United States. If there are several houses in foreclosure in your neighborhood, it can hurt your house when it comes to selling. Chances are most people have a few houses in the neighborhood that look unkempt, overgrown or are just plain falling apart.

Is your house not selling because of a neighbor? What are some tips to get potential buyers to make offers?

Buyers desire to have a good home in a nice neighborhood. The location of a house can deter buyers. Thus, It is often times harder to sell a house in a less than nice looking neighborhood.

Below are simple tips on selling a house in a bad neighborhood.

Selling a Good House in a Bad Neighborhood

Are you a distressed homeowner at risk of losing your home because of foreclosure? Or are you a homeowner with a good house in a neighborhood where several houses are in foreclosure?

If you’re facing foreclosure, you need to sell your home as fast as possible to avoid the negative credit implications associated with the foreclosure. If you need to sell but you’ve got several foreclosures around you, you need to differentiate your house from the bad ones.

A declining or bad neighborhood can make selling your house more challenging but it doesn’t have to dash your hopes. This is what you should do to sell a good house in a bad neighborhood.


Many families looking for homes are on a tight budget. Has your house stayed on the market too long without getting a potential buyer? Consider revising your price.

Consider lowering your price if your house needs major improvements. But spend as little as you can to avoid incurring losses. If you do not want to lower the price, learn some tricks on how to get rid of a house that won’t sell, at a higher price.

One option is offering owner financing on the home if you do not want to lower the price. This strategy can help attract more potential buyers who cannot qualify for traditional bank financing. But this is risky in case the buyer fails to pay you, especially if you’re relying on that income to pay your expenses.

Enhance the Buyer Experience

Improve the curb appeal of the property. Start by cleaning up parts of the neighborhood, planting flowers, and trimming bushes. Keep your house clean and organized to create a warm environment for clients.

A congested house makes the interior space less appealing, and it looks smaller than it is. You can stage the interior to help buyers envision themselves living in it. Clean the entire house and open blinds and curtains to ensure there is enough light in the rooms. Ensure the kitchen is clean and that the sink does not have dirty dishes.

Try making your house look cleaner and newer. Add a fresh coat of neutral colored paint to make the house look more spacious and brighter. Wipe the door handles and clean the toilet and sinks. A clean looking and smelling house will appeal to more buyers than a dingy, unkempt house.

Light up the house by replacing nonfunctional bulbs and dusting the functional ones. This will ensure that the house has enough light. Make necessary small repairs like broken locks, unhinged cabinet doors, dripping faucets, and cracks on walls.

These tiny details make a huge difference when trying to sell your house quickly.

Appeal to the Audience

Do you have a nice house in a bad neighborhood? Capitalize on the positive aspects of the neighborhood like shopping malls, grocery stores, and restaurants to charm potential buyers. Ensure you are as truthful as possible.

Identify what the potential clients desire and use it as a marketing strength. While a family with children often find a house with proximity to good schools appealing, others prefer a home away from school traffic and noise. Similarly, a nearby railroad or bus route may be noisy to one buyer but a means of transport to another.

Whatever the characteristics of your environment, use them as selling strengths. Even if the neighborhood is not likely to attract desirable bids, some buyers want exactly what you are offering.

Be flexible, set reasonable prices, and temper expectations. Remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

House in a Bad Neighborhood

Do you want to sell your house in a bad neighborhood?

Most buyers want to buy a house that they can move into immediately. You can get rid of a house faster by improving its appearance and making minor repairs. However, if you want to avoid the hassles, call an investor.

Selling a nice house in a bad neighborhood can be challenging. Thus, knowing some simple things you can do to improve curb appeal and enhance your houses’s good qualities can help you to sell your house, even when you have less than desirable neighbors.

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