June 22

Previous Home Listings: 3 Ways To Sell Your Austin House


It only takes 31 days on average to sell a house in the U.S., according to the latest statistics. So, why has your home been on the market so much longer than that?

If you’re struggling to sell your home by conventional means, don’t give up hope. There are things you can do to speed up the sale of your Austin house.

Keep reading for the best tips on how to sell your home fast.

1. Improve Your Marketing Game

Right now, the Austin housing market is competitive, with many homeowners wanting to take advantage of the current housing boom. 

If you want your home to stand out from other Austin, Texas houses for sale, you’ll need to spend some money marketing it. Hire a professional photographer to take flattering photos of your home, and a copywriter to wax lyrical in your online home description.

You can also share your property listing on your social media pages, local community notice boards, and among friends and family. Aggressive marketing may finally attract the attention of a buyer. 

2. Lower Your Price

Everybody loves a good deal, especially in times of high home prices. When you drop your home’s price a little lower than those in your neighborhood, you could attract the attention of a bargain hunter.

You can also offer attractive benefits such as paying some of the buyer’s closing costs, or property taxes for the rest of the year. 

Do the math carefully before you go this route, you’ll still need to pay considerable costs from the sale of your home. These include the balance of your mortgage, seller closing fees, and agent’s commission, plus the holding costs of the home while you wait for the sale to finalize.

You could end up losing money on the deal. 

3. Sell Your Austin House to a Cash Buyer

If the words, ‘cash’ and ‘fast’ appeal to you when it comes to selling your home, you should look into selling your house to a cash investor. 

These companies may pay lower prices for Austin houses, but they offer the fastest way to sell your house in Austin. The process is straightforward and you’ll receive cash for your home in as little as seven days.

There aren’t any hidden costs or upfront fees involved, and you don’t need to do anything except sign the agreement, take your cash and move on with your life.

Explore Your Options

If your home needs extensive repairs, you’re facing foreclosure, or you need to move fast, selling via the traditional real estate market might not suit you. 

Apart from the time it takes to find a buyer, you’ll still need to weather the negotiating process and wait months to close the deal. The buyer may have extensive demands regarding repairs they want you to do. They might not secure the funding they need and cancel the sale. 

We will buy your previously listed Austin house regardless of how long it’s been on the market, or its current condition. Get in touch today and discover how we can help you sell your home. 

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