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How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash If You’re Going Through A Divorce


Unfortunately, approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Although this can come with a large handful of complications (especially when children are involved), it almost always results in the sale of the family home.

If you’re looking to sell your home as quickly as possible for cash, there’s a handful of tips that you’ll need to keep in mind.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about how to sell your house fast for cash.

Hire a Real Estate Agent Who Specializes in Fast Sales

Although this may seem evident at first, it’s not always easy to find an agent who prioritizes closing transactions as quickly as possible. In fact, many agents deal with a large number of properties at one time, which can make it difficult for them to close deals at optimum efficiency.

Some agents, though, brand themselves as professionals who can sell homes quickly at their market value. As long as they have a significant amount of experience in the industry, you shouldn’t encounter any outstanding issues with the transaction.

So, consider this option if you find yourself in need of handing over your keys sooner rather than later.

Search for a Cash Buyer

Many individuals who invest in the real estate industry do so by purchasing multiple properties. From here, they either renovate them and flip them or simply rent them out to tenants as a method of generating passive income.

The advantage here, though, is that it’s not uncommon for investors to buy houses in cash. Additionally, they’re often just as concerned as you are with completing the transaction as quickly as possible so they can continue to grow their real estate portfolio.

They don’t always come to you, though, so you may have to reach out to an investor in your area to see if your home is something they’d be willing to purchase. You’ll also have the added benefit of being able to research these buyers and their reputation in the local industry.

For example, it’s not uncommon for independent buyers to back out of a sale last-minute, and there’s no way to research them before this occurs.

Sell Your Home to Someone You Know

Although this isn’t applicable to everyone, some people happen to have a contact or two who would be willing to buy their home. This is especially true if the neighborhood you live in would be an upgrade to their current residence.

For example, you might have a strong relationship with a friend who’s currently working and saving money while living in an apartment with his girlfriend. It would benefit both of you to sell your home directly to them.

Even if they aren’t able to offer you cash for you home, you’ll likely complete the transaction far more quickly than you would under normal circumstances since you’re likely to be in frequent contact with them.

Just make sure, though, that you’re as transparent as possible about your price, the date you need to sell your home by, etc. Otherwise, you may find that you strain your relationship with this individual.

So, consider sending a text or two to people you know who may be interested in buying your home— it can easily need to get results.

Sell Your House As-Is

Much of the time-consuming aspects of the selling process involve preparing the home so that it’s suitable for buyers. In some scenarios, staging a home can take weeks or months, and then take even longer to find a potential buyer.

Instead, you can sell your house as-is to eliminate this responsibility entirely. Not only are you likely to find a buyer more quickly, but you’re also likely to attract buyers who will pay in cash.

You’ll also be able to save extra money by foregoing necessary interior and exterior repairs. For example, damage to a home’s exterior wall is of little concern during this type of transaction since the buyer will most likely want to renovate the home on their own anyway.

This extra cash can help you facilitate your new move and put you on track toward getting your affairs in order as quickly as possible.

Lower Your Asking Price

Haven’t had any luck finding a buyer? You may have to lower your asking price.

Although it may seem disheartening to get less money than expected for your home, getting it in cash can easily make up for selling at a lower price. This is especially true if your home is particularly expensive.

It’s important to maintain a certain level of patience when lowering your price, though, since you’re likely to miss out on tens of thousands of dollars if you make a rock-bottom offer after only a short period of time.

At the end of the day, though, all that matters is that your needs are met. In some cases, selling a home for a fraction of its value could be a necessary endeavor.

Understanding Sell Your House Fast for Cash Can Seem Difficult

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above information about how to sell your house fast for cash in mind, you’ll be well on your way toward getting the money you need from your home as quickly as possible.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Feel free to get in touch with us today to see what we can do.

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