April 5

Have an Ugly House? Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Its Appearance


Did you know that your home’s value can increase on average 7% with the right curb appeal? And if you spruce up your interior this number only rises as buyers expect the inside to be as great as the outside. 

Whether you are selling your home or not, turning an ugly house into a shiny new one does not take a full remodel. 

Read on for simple ways to transform your home with little effort and money. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

Color changes the mood of your home while will giving it a clean, new look. Choose to go bold for a curb appeal that will attract buyers or keep it neutral if your aim is to freshen up.

Paint can be used both on the outside of your home as well as the inside. And it’s not limited to walls. For instance, your kitchen cabinets or trim can come to life with a new color. 

Updated Fixtures and Hardware

When you are negotiating your home’s price if your buyers need even minor upgrades it means more money out of their pocket. Give your home a quick makeover and help your buyers imagine living there with updated fixtures and hardware. 

Home value increases with small changes like new cabinet hardware, shiny door handles and locks, recessed lighting and modern lamps, and fresh light switches. 

Simple Landscape and Front Porch Additions  

You do not need to hire a landscaper or designer to boost your home exterior. Simple additions and a quick clean-up will do the trick.

A few potted plants on your walkway, fresh gravel or mulch in your garden, or a few bright flowers will display your home as welcoming to you and potential buyers. 

Transforming your porch into a cozy sitting area by adding a bench and lighting gives the impression that a home interior is just as comforting. Even if your front entrance is small, a few accessories like a colorful doormat can go a long way. 

Flooring Made Easy

A home remodel does not have to mean ripping up your old floors unless you have old shag carpeting. Otherwise, get creative with new area rugs that tie your rooms together. Be sure to play with texture and shape to make your home cozy and unique. 

New types of floor paints are also an easy way to upgrade old designs. Go with a new stain for your hardwoods or add geometric shapes simply with stencils. 

Lastly, cover up your old floor with funky but fresh vinyl at a fraction of the average $3,000 cost of new wood, carpet, or laminate.

Getting Started on Your Ugly House

Now that you know how to transform your ugly house into a beautiful one you just need to decide where to begin. Start with making a budget to see how much money you want to spend. Next, choose the biggest eyesore and then access your progress as you go. 

After your home makeover, you may be ready to sell it for a profit. If so, check out our How it Works page for the simple solution to getting cash for your home. 


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