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9 Essential Tips for Selling a House As Is


You’re considering selling a house as-is after calculating the costs of updates and repairs. If it means lowering your price, so be it.

Buyers won’t consider the house move-in ready or pay top dollar because of a stained carpeting, an old electrical panel, and a kitchen from the 1990s. But you may not have enough cash to do a lot of work, and you’d instead just get paid and move on.

Do you know the house selling tips that can make the selling process easier? Keep reading to learn more about the top nine tips for selling a house as is.

 1. Do Thorough Marketing

The present condition of your home on sale should not limit you from marketing it. Like in selling other products, you have to look for potential home buyers. No buyer will know about your home unless you make it known.

Today, it’s very easy to market homes for sale. You can use the internet or social media. Many home buyers are looking for available homes online. Take advantage of the internet and quickly sell your house as is.

When marketing your house, be upfront. Let those interested in your house know that you’re selling it in its present condition.

2. Be Flexible

The sale of as-is-homes is different from the sale of new homes. When selling new homes, you can stand your ground because you want to make profits. Don’t try this when selling a house as is.

Flexibility is an important factor of consideration in this house selling checklist. When it comes to the property’s sale price, be flexible. No buyer will want to buy as-is-house without negotiating first.

Being too fixed on the price will make you lose potential and good home buyers. Although you’ll allow for negotiations, don’t sell your home at a throwaway price.

3. Go for Cash Home Buyers

Despite the reduced value of your as-is-house, you still want to ensure that you sell it for a respectable cash offer. Avoid home buyers that pay in installments.

Lisa Buys Austin Houses is the best cash home buyer you can choose for your as-is-home sale. It is a We Buy Houses Company that guarantees you a faster selling process. Your house doesn’t need to be perfect for them to be interested in it.

This will allow you to negotiate a price increase. Selling your as-is-house to a We Buy Houses Company like Lisa Buys Austin Houses will also save you from fraudsters. This is because they don’t deal with middlemen.

4. Use a Real Estate Agent

Not all real estate agents specialize in selling perfect homes. So, no need to get through the complex selling process alone.

Contacting a good realtor for your as-is home for sale is important. With the changes and trends in the real estate market, you need help. There are several reasons to hire a real estate agent when selling a house as is.

Setting the best listing price for your as-is house can be challenging. A real estate agent will help you with this. Hire an experienced, reputable, and licensed real estate agent.

5. Price It Properly

How you price your as-is-home will determine how you sell it. Poor pricing is a turn-off to every home buyer. Know that the price of your as-is-house can’t be similar to the prices of new homes for sale.

Ensure that you don’t overprice your property. No home buyer will buy an expensive house and again spend on its repairs. In fact, some home buyers prefer ready homes.

So, set a bit low price that will entice the buyers. Don’t let the buyers feel that your as-is-home is not worth buying.

6. Be Open and Honest

Avoid keeping the buyers in the dark when selling a house as is. This will damage your reputation. Some homebuyers can even take legal actions against you.

Don’t hide anything about your home. Disclose to the buyer about the property’s age, damages, and other conditions. This is a way of emotionally preparing your buyer.

With this tip, potential buyers will not get turned off after inspecting the property. Again, this also enables the buyer to set a fitting budget in good time.

7. Fix What You Can

Although you’re selling a house as is, you should try to improve it. A terrible condition of as-is-home for sale may discourage some buyers.

You can do some cleaning, repairs, or even renovations. There are various renovations that can add the value of your as-is-house before selling it.

Note that fixing your as-is-house for sale doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as the property doesn’t have bad odors, you’re good to go. Renovations and repairs are good if you’ve money to cater for the costs.

8. Survey the Market

The real estate market is very dynamic. Have some ground information about the current trends in the market before selling a house as is.

Knowing the market conditions is a way of preparing as-is-home for sale. It will help you know the current prices of as-is-homes. It is a simple way of avoiding losses when selling a home as is.

You can know the conditions of the real estate market in several ways. These include forums and realtors.

9. Consider Pre-Listing Inspections

Don’t sell as-is-home without knowing its true condition. Before setting a listing price, inspect your property. This will help you know the kind of improvements needed.

It will be easier to help the buyer understand the property’s condition upfront. A proper pre-listing inspection will also give you confidence when the house. This is because you’ll be selling a property you know well about.

Use the Above Tips for Selling a House As Is

Selling a home as is common among many Americans. It is the easiest way of disposing of your house regardless of its condition.

Selling a house as is can be challenging. With these tips, you can quickly sell your as-is-home for good cash offers.

Are you selling a house as is? At Lisa Buys Austin Houses, we’ll buy your home in any condition, as is, and with no closing costs, agent fees, or commissions.

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