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7 Ways Social Media Can Help Sell Your House in Austin, TX


Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a skilled agent, selling a house in Austin, Texas can be a long and involved process. Thankfully we have the power of social media.

With over 69 % of American adults on social media (more than 95% of millennials) starting their home search online, the importance of using social networks to sell your house can’t be overstated. This coupled with the many stories of people selling their homes on social platforms, there’s no doubt the tool is impacting the industry.

So you want to sell your house fast? Here are 7 ways social media can help you do it.

1. Share Powerful Visuals

Whether you’re advertising traditional or on social platforms, you need fantastic photos for your house. Professional photos can help sell your Austin house faster than low-quality images and videos. To capture the best shot, take photos on a bright day and always remember to edit photos afterward to remove shadows and unwanted reflections.

Social media for home selling is greatly visual in terms of content. Instagram, for example, is very popular with many agents for its flexibility. The platform allows you to share images and videos of your property. Don’t forget to attach hashtags to attract potential buyers looking for a house in your neighborhood, such as #austinhomesforsale.

You may hire a photographer to create optimized videos that fit on Instagram stories. Professional photos encourage shares and “likes” and compel potential buyers to contact you.

If you’re on a budget you can do it yourself. Use your phone to capture videos and share them on the platform to give people a preview of the house you’re selling. You can establish an edge on social media by including video tours of the areas surrounding your Austin property—especially if it’s located in a less-known neighborhood.

2. Use Facebook to Sell Your House

Facebook is amongst the top social platforms to get the word out when you want to sell your house. One of the reasons for this is because Facebook allows you to target specific demographics, which is good for the real estate business.

For example, the platform lets you target your audience by age and income. You can run inexpensive ads and target people within a certain radius of the house in Austin on sale. Facebook ads not only attract leads but also help create interest in the house.

Also, Facebook allows you to communicate with prospects, go live, publish listing-related content and updates and curate reviews. The Facebook Live feature lets you stream a property from your device, which is great for showing off your house. There is also the Facebook Marketplace that lets you connect with potential buyers.

3. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest provides a big marketing opportunity for Austin realtors to sell homes. You can use this network to drive traffic and visitors to your real estate website.

Also {interest lets you build targeted ad campaigns that are linked to your listing. The ads tend to be more affordable compared to other platforms, so you can always try your hands at it.

Creating local boards on Pinterest is one of the best ways to market your house on Pinterest. After creating a board, you may want to invite people to collaborate on it. This way, you’ll attract many users to follow the board and add pins to it.

You can even create a board that comprises a digital community of Austin locals who you’d ultimately like to sell your house to. On your board, pin beautiful photos that are linked to the listing to attract visitors.

4. Fire up Your Snapchat

Snapchat has millions of daily users in the U.S. alone, with billions of video views every day. Snapchatters mostly use the platform to share fun videos and photos. Why not use it to share the remarkable features of your house for sale.

Telling your property’s story in an entertaining video is a thoughtful way of marketing. Show off breathtaking views and unique features of the home. Remember to use geofilters─ the fun graphic icons that allow viewers to see where you’re Snapping.

Snapchat also offers a platform for you to network with other agents in Austin. Connecting with realtors from around your area can have a huge upside. Property owners connecting with agents within Texas.

5. Sell Through Groups

There are social media platforms that offer communities around a variety of things, including selling homes. Check out groups on Facebook or LinkedIn to come across some good leads.

You’re typically able to freely post and advertise in these communities, as long as you follow the established rules. Take advantage of the fact that your target audience is already all in one spot.

6. Use the Right Keywords

Figure out and use the most common search words used by people looking for a house in Austin. Examples of keywords for selling houses might include “buy a house in Austin, “for sale by owner”, etc.

Use such search phrases throughout your posts and with the consumer in mind. Note that almost all pages that rank highly on search engines are complemented with copy that “sells”.

7. LinkedIn for Realtors

LinkedIn isn’t necessarily the place you’ll find most home buyers. But, it’s one of the top platforms (if not the top) to connect with agents and share your industry experience.

The platform lets you create a resume, which allows potential Austin home buyers to learn more about you.

Get Your House Sold With Social Media

Selling your house can be stressful and takes a lot of effort to see through. However, with so many residents online, social channels offer some of the best ways to attract interest and sell your house. Plus, using social networks is a simple process and sharing is free!

So share interesting parts of your house. You never know who could be waiting to see and buy it.

If you’re looking to sell your Austin home, get a cash offer today.


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