March 15

7 Tips for Dealing with an Unwanted Inherited Home


Inheriting a home sounds like an inherently positive thing to happen to a person. Of course, as many people who have inherited property know, this isn’t always the case. There can be many different reasons an inherited home can be an unwelcome burden.

Often these homes are in a state of disarray or filled with unwanted items. They could also be difficult to deal with in a practical sense, being in a faraway state or even country. Sometimes, those who become accidental owners don’t have the time, money, or inclination to fix up or look after homes they’ve inherited.

If you’d like to learn the best ways to deal with unwanted property, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out now.

1. Look at the Deceased’s Wishes

Before you do anything else with the home, try to take a look at what the deceased wanted you to do with it. Are some items inside destined to be donated or passed on to others? This is important to figure out before taking any further steps.

2. Beware of Untrustworthy Realtors

There are many realtors whose bread and butter is preying on the vulnerability of those who are recently bereaved and have come into a home unexpectedly. This is an unfortunate but true fact. You should be aware that there may be opportunistic realtors around, so be cautious about anyone you choose to work with.

3. Respect Any Waiting Periods

Certain states mandate a specific amount of time before any inherited properties can be sold on. This is usually in the region of around 30 days. As well as this, it’s a good idea to take a beat and figure out what you really want to do with this home.

4. Sort Through the Contents of the Home

One thing you’ll definitely want to do before selling on the home will be to go through all of the belongings inside. You will need to see if there is anything valuable or anything you want to keep. It can be helpful to make different piles for things you want to donate, toss, and keep.

5. Put Aside Any Important Documents

When you’re going through the contents of the home, one thing to remember is that you’ll need to put aside any important documents. You never know what will be useful or necessary later on. Try to make digital copies of everything so you don’t lose anything important.

6. Choose What You Want to Do With the Home

Once you’ve taken a moment to sort out your thoughts on the property, and you’ve sorted through the contents of the home, you’ll be able to make a decision about what to do with the home. For many people, selling it is the easiest option. But not all ways of selling are created equal.

7. Sell Your Home As-Is

If you’ve made up your mind that you want to sell your home as fast and with as little hassle as possible, then selling it as-is is probably the best option. There’s no need to make any repairs or deal with any bidding wars. It’s a simple and straightforward process and you’ll be able to sell your unwanted property with immediate effect.

Sell Your Inherited Home Fast

If you do decide to sell your inherited home, and you want to do so quickly, then selling as-is is the way to go. At Lisa Buys Austin Houses, we’re well-versed in purchasing unwanted inherited properties. Get in touch to see how much you could get for your inherited house.

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