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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Homes Fast in Austin, TX

With a scorching hot real estate market, Austin, Texas is one of the most desirable places to live. But if you’re in a financial bind or ready to uproot, you might need to unload your home as soon as possible. While the¬†idea of selling¬†your home quickly¬†may seem out of reach, it doesn’t have to be – if you follow some simple advice.

Keep reading to learn about the 7 mistakes you should avoid when selling homes fast in Austin!

1. Going it Alone To Try Selling Homes Fast

One of the worst things you can do is take matters into your own hands and attempt to sell¬†your house alone. You might think that you’ll save money. After all, when you use a real estate agent you’re stuck with a commission fee (around 6%) and staging, closing, and repair¬†costs.

In the end, however, you’ll skimp on professionalism and bury yourself in responsibilities you probably don’t want. What if you could avoid closing costs and other hidden fees and¬†still unload your house quickly? It is possible.

Not all real estate experiences are costly. Hiring the right professional can be the best decision you make. Unless you have secret real estate expertise, you could cost yourself more money by going it alone.

2. Pricing Your Home Too High or Low

Pricing your home too high or low¬†is another¬†common mistake. If you list your house¬†for too much you can expect it to sit on the market for a while – maybe even months or years. Potential buyers could think you’re desperate if your home sits for too long.

And that could mean a lowball offer.

On the other hand, pricing your home too low means – you guessed it – less money for you. A good agent will know the Austin housing market. And they will know what a fair market value for your home should be.

3. Doing Major Renovations Yourself

You want to sell your house, but it looks dated or has significant repair needs. Time to start fixing everything yourself, right? Wrong.

With the average cost of installing new kitchen countertops at nearly $3,000, you could sink money into a project that doesn’t return on the investment. Why invest in beige countertops if a potential buyer wants blue? Pricey upgrades can backfire when your tastes don’t match the buyer’s expectations.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen will only set you back a few hundred dollars, and it will liven up a dull room without all the hassle. This is one update most people can do themselves.

You may believe it’s cheaper to do bigger renovations yourself, but unless you’re experienced and have lots of time on your hands, you’ll cost yourself time in the long run. It’s not worth it if you can sell your home as-is.

4. Forgetting the Landscaping

Remember that your house has an exterior, too. This can become another money pit if you start fixing everything. If your home is in foreclosure or rental property on the other side of town, you may not have the means or time.

It’s okay if your hedges don’t look like topiaries.¬† All you need to do is make sure that¬†you’ve trimmed them, pulled the weeds, and kept the grass in check.¬†

Redoing the roof or siding can be an expensive upgrade. While some real estate agents might suggest doing this for better curb appeal, it is possible to find potential buyers¬†in Austin even if the paint’s peeling. Yes, you can sell that rental property you don’t want anymore!

Adding a pretty wreath to the door or some fresh flowers to the front stoop are far less expensive ways to brighten up your landscaping. First impressions are everything!

5. Being Inflexible About Showings

Another big mistake is not showing your house to the outside world. Posting pictures online or – even better – making a video can help get the word out. But an in-person tour is always better.

Yes, showings can be disruptive to your schedule, especially if you had hoped to lounge on the sofa Saturday afternoon. But if you want to increase your chances of making a fast sale, it’s good to be flexible. When someone wants to see your house, let them.

Have a to-go bag ready if you need to head out during a showing. Go for a picnic in the park or hike on a trail. Just know that it’s all for a good cause – selling your house!

6. Not Negotiating

If you’re given an offer that seems low, keep in mind that you can counteroffer. Don’t get swept into emotional chaos if you feel insulted by the offer. Know that you¬†can¬†negotiate the terms!

Many sellers make the mistake of being too proud or stubborn. Don’t let that be you. Keep a cool head and consider the market trends – and don’t be afraid to lower the price if you need to.

Negotiations can be a tough part of the process, so have a professional at your side to guide you through them.

7. Waiting Too Long

The biggest mistake when trying to sell a house? Waiting.

Don’t hem and haw – just do it!¬† Whether you’ve inherited an old house from a family member or find yourself in foreclosure, there are ways out to unload the house and put cash in your pockets.

What To Do Next

Selling homes fast in Austin can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be! We are here to help make the process simple and fair. With backgrounds in business and management, we have the experience to provide you with peace of mind and we know the Austin housing market.

We’ll make sure you find potential buyers without draining your budget, no matter what condition your home is in. Give us a call or fill out our form¬†to let us help you make the sale!

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