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Moving on With Your Life: How to Sell the House Quickly During a Divorce


Around 50% of married couples end up filing for divorce. Divorce causes a lot of chaos for families. Children may be asked to spend more time with one parent than the other, and the divorced couple must reach agreements on how to handle the finances and shared properties. 

One of the biggest obstacles to handle is figuring out how to quickly sell the house after the divorce. It can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Maybe the housing market is rough or one partner is having a hard time letting go of the memories. 

No matter what, moving on with your life is hard, but it’s for the best. If you need help selling the house after a divorce, make sure to keep reading. 

Decide When to Sell

A huge decision to make is deciding when to sell the home. Some people wait until everything is finalized to put the house on the market. It’s actually best to start moving on and sell the home before the divorce is final. 

Selling the home could take a while, and you don’t want to remain connected to your past months after the divorce is final. It’s best to get a head start and at least put your house on the market before everything is said and done. 

Before placing your house on the market, sit down with your children, and explain the process. They’ll be dealing with a lot so make sure to remain calm and empathetic. Tell them your plan on selling the home, and let them know what the future brings as far as your future home. 

Prepare the Home

We know divorces are a lot to handle. They may include frequent visits with a lawyer and a lot of mental distress. As you start moving on after divorce, it’s important to sit down and prepare the home for a sale. 

Start by creating a budget for repairs and upgrades you’ll need to do. Even if they aren’t major renovations, every home experiences general wear and tear, especially if you have kids and pets. 

Walk around the home and make notes of everything that could use a little love. Is the paint on your walls scratched, or do you need to fix a kitchen cabinet door? Note any major water damage that might have taken place in the past. 

Once you know what you need to fix and how much you need to fix it, prioritize what needs your attention before you place your house on the market. You won’t be able to fix everything, but do what you can to get the money it’s worth. 

Seek Out a Good Realtor 

Finding a patient and hard-working realtor is essential to the selling process after a divorce. They’ll be able to help you quickly while keeping in mind that your mind might be elsewhere at times. You’re thinking about a lot. 

A good realtor will be able to successfully market your home, pulling in plenty of potential buyers. They’ll also be able to take on a large workload, allowing you space and time to finish packing and the repairs. 

Be honest with them about some of the struggles you’re facing with selling your home, and they can offer suggestions on how to expedite the process. 

If you’re not sure how to find a trustworthy realtor, first look within your community. Are there any realtors at your church? Do your close friends know any?

Check out local reviews and testimonies online if you’re having a hard time. Online reviews reveal a lot about a person. 

Don’t Make Your Realtor Your Therapist

When finding and working with a realtor to sell your home after the divorce, it’s important to keep in mind that your realtor isn’t your therapist. The realtor should be understanding and hardworking, but they should also have professional boundaries. 

By crossing those boundaries and unloading emotional baggage onto your realtor, you could start to create a bad relationship with them. They may not want to work with you or give you a lot of their energy. 

Invest in seeing a licensed therapist to help with any emotional trauma you might be dealing with during or after the divorce. This mental support will also make the moving transition a lot easier!

Consider a Cash Offer

If you’re reading to start moving on now, consider accepting a cash offer for your home. There are pros and cons to this. 

Cash offers allow you a quick exit to this chapter of your life. You can accept the cash and go. You also may not have to invest so much in repairs either. 

Many people who offer cash are looking to flip homes or upgrade the home as a real estate investment. They’ll increase the value of the home and then rent it out at a higher cost than they bought it for. 

An unfortunate con to accepting a cash offer is walking away with less money than you could’ve gotten. The money would be more instant, but it would probably be a pay cut from a traditional offer. 

Create Future Goals

When freshly coming out of a divorce, you might not be able to immediately afford your next dream home. It’ll take some planning and goal-setting. 

After you take care of some repairs and putting your house on the market, sit down, and create goals for your future home. What area are you hoping to live in? What do you want the house to look like?

By having a list of goals to focus on, you’ll be able to handle the moving process a lot easier. It’ll give you something positive to focus on. 

Selling Your House and Moving on With Your Life

Moving on with your life after a divorce may seem impossible for some. The first step to moving on is successfully selling your house. We are here to help with that. 

You’ll need to start preparing your home and decide when to put it on the market. It’s better to put it on the market sooner than later. Having a hardworking realtor and future goals to focus on is also extremely important in this process. 

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